Art, Mixed Media

Pyrography & Ink

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This is a whole bunch of WIP ...

For years now, I've had these visions of sepia, blacks, browns, burned wood, simple shapes, lines, patterns.

Still have some work to do but I'm thoroughly enjoying this process.

Check out more of my process on my "secret" Insta... just art and design-y type stuff.

Etched Glass, Wood

Glass Etching Native American

Actual finished piece...

Glass Etching mounted on stained wood. Gift for a family member, an archaeologist for many years.

Writing & Illustrating

  • Children's Book
  • Children's Book
  • Children's Book

Here are a few initial designs for a simple ABC book.

My mom dabbled in children's books and still writes today.

I grew up on the master wordsmith, Dr. Seuss, and my kids love the wacky rhymes and illustrations just as much today.

I'm keeping my rhymes a secret for now... They still need some work.

Want to work on something together? Shoot me a message!

Pocket Art / Fidget Spinner

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I recently began shaping some spinners from wood for fun.

My brother's best man, Nick, approached me before the wedding with the idea to make a groomsmen set.

I crafted these from Walnut and while they weren't perfect by any means, nor do they spin very long even with the added weight... They do feel great in the hand and look pretty cool!

Mixed Media on Canvas

Mixed Media on Canvas

Ink, Color Pencil on Canvas.

Always wanted be be a canvas master... but I dont like paint all that much. Ink on canvas is fun.

Anyways, thanks for looking!

I do some other more professional-type work as well.