Professional Design Portfolio

Let's keep it simple - things should look cohesive, stylized, branded; it should be easy to use & navigate. With the rampant pace of media and technology, it's important to relay information effectively, using appropriate tools for the job.

H2O is where I started; where I was given a shot; working my way through school, learning and paying dues as a designer. I continue to do contract print and web work for H2O - love those guys!!

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IDS came after H2O; coordinating with teams of instructional designers, developers, 3d artists, animators & editors to design and build a set of interactive multimedia "Fleet" courses for small truck and van drivers.

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IDS from H2O, then off to Adicio... go ahead, rhyme it again :) User Interface Design for web based software and site develepment at Adicio Inc. Worked with product developers and coding professionals, creating detailed wireframes and updated designs for software applications; building out and launching new produts and websites.

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Adicio's Careercast Job Board & Media Portal Niche Networks. Worked diligently on the Careercast brand of niche job networks, created a myriad of designs, icons, & software elements to launch a series of job portals targeting specific areas of the job market.

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Did quite a few club flyers "back in the day" - always had fun with them.

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