Personal Design Portfolio

After years of studying, designing & building digitally; I began spending a bit less time plugged in and started working on some personal projects.

Mixed Media | Wood, Glass Etching

Wood grain is simply beautiful... I started toying with the idea of mounting a glass etching on a stained wood backdrop. For our family X-mas gift exchange one year, I got my uncle: an archeologist specializing in Native American culture. I decided it was time to test the waters on my idea. This was the result.

Light Capture | Painting

I've only been out on the town a handful of times for a lil light graffiti, but this session was alot of fun and yielded some pretty cool results.

More Light Painting

Fauna | Leopard Shark

This is one of my favorite shots, taken with a mid-range SeaLife camera. I had my head out of the water, snorkeling; got my head back in just as this guy cruises by, fairly close to the surface. I lifted the camera slowly and snapped this image - biggest leopard I've seen. La Jolla is awesome.

More Fauna Images


I love to sit and admire the unique charm and design of every structure mankind has built. These feats of man are accomplished by creative minds, ingenuity, and strong, hard-working men... and women!

More Structure Stills

Bird of Paradise

Plants are awesome, end of story :)

More Flora Images

It's amazing the different ways you can bend and tweak light with a digital camera.

More Light Bending

My most recent endeavors have been geared towards my wood & glass projects. I've got alot of ideas and some half-started, half-completed, half-thought-about projects that I'm fine tuning and experimenting with.

It's taken time to build up decent tools, create workspaces, & actually be able to work on some of my ideas. It's fun to watch things change and evolve. I only plan as far ahead as I need to, having fun with the process.