Long story short, I like good design.

I design for a living, and I design for fun... but it's not always easy. There are unique challenges and obstacles to overcome with each project; just as we all face each day in life. The satisfaction of finding creative solutions to problems and overcoming obstacles is what makes it all worthwhile.

Adobe rocks

I'm proficient with Adobe products. I'm savvy with photoshop, well-versed in Illustrator, can rock page layout in InDesign, edit video in Premeire, or composite in After Effects. I even spent time animating and coding Actionscript in Flash.


I started coding HTML & CSS when IE6 was the biggest issue. Now there are more browsers, more devices. It's crucial to keep up with the latest design trends and write standards based code. I know my way around javascript, php, but advanced coding gives me a headache ;) UI/UX, front end development is my bread & butter.

& visual

I'm focused on solid designs that incorporate a feeling, take the user on an interesting journey, relay a sense of identity and convey information effectively. After that, I just want to have fun and design some stuff!


I was born in Southern CA, love the ocean & its alien life forms.

Family in Montana; love the mountains, love the country.

Growing up, I was shown art, design, and a creative flare from my mother. I was shown hard work, commitment, and dedication from my father. My entire family showed me love and appreciation for our world in all its forms.

I am forever grateful for the cards I've been dealt and look forward to new challenges, new ideas & new experiences. I've had incredible mentors along my journey and deeply appreciate all the help.

After 14 years together, a site about me would not be complete without a mention of my Sarah. She is my rock, my inspiration, my partner in life.

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