If I'm not designing, coding, building, you may find me outside somewhere.

Being a designer/developer in 2017 (almost 2018!) means being versatile and highly adaptable to change. No one person can do everything, but understanding the many roles involved with design and development is crucial for effective teamwork and successful projects.

Professional Resume   Let me know if you have any questions

Origin / LocationCalifornia Native / Colorado Resident



UI UX Design & Development9 years
Responsive Design5 years
Multimedia / Interactive Design9 years
Web Design & Development13 years
Brand Development10+ years

Proficient In:

Visual Design
UI/UX Principles
Responsive Design
Agile Processes

Experience with:

PHP & JS Frameworks
After Effects

My recent professional experience has been as a UI/UX designer, forging desktop and mobile applications within an agile environment amongst a team of talented developers. Prior to that, I designed and developed in the e-learning sector, as well as tackling the occasional freelance project and exploring mediums outside the digital realm along the way.

Simply, I adore the expression of creativity, and the essence of creation and development, both professionally and personally.

Aside from professional development, I love music, the outdoors, good food, my wonderful family. I aim to get outside as much as possible to boulder, slackline, skateboard, snowboard.

Art and music are equally important as being outdoors. I enjoy painting, working with wood and playing / listening to all types of music.


All design work, graphics, photography contained within this site is my sole intellectual property.

In the case of corporate work, my designs are displayed for portfolio purposes ONLY and the company will retain ownership of all software, application, and site designs.

Nothing contained within this site may be duplicated or replicated without the expressed permission of myself and/or the companies which retain intellectual property rights.